10 Money Saving Christmas Gift Ideas

It’s that time of year again when we splurge on gifts for our loved one.  I know I am not the only one that might reconsider buying gifts because it is just too expensive to buy for everyone you love. So, I decided to search for some really nice DIY money-saving Christmas gift ideas that your family and friends will absolutely love and appreciate. Especially due to the fact that you put time and effort into making them.

You can head to the dollar store to get some supplies to make a perfect gift. Here I went on a search to find some really nice gift idea that you would be more interested in. I really hope you like them and might consider putting together one or few of these items for your loved ones. Happy Holidays!!!


1. Succulent Plants

Succulent plants are trending, I think this one is actually here to stay. Here are 20 Cute Indoor Succulent Plant Idea To Consider For Gifts.

cheap Christmas ideas

O Mundo de Jess

2. Wine! 

A classic wine is always a great option for gifts no matter what occasion or season it is. A good wine is better than pocket money. 🙂

Christmas gift idea 2



3. Handmade glass

This is just too easy and cheap. These are the type of gifts that will last a lifestyle and will surely leave space inside the person’s heart.

Christmas gift idea 2



4. Cozy Slippers

A Cozy pair slippers stuffed with some nice accessories depending on the gender and age.

christmas gift idea 3

Pretty Providence


5. Sugar Scrubs

Make your own sugar scrub and put it in a nice container, you can add your touch of spark to it.

Christmas gift idea 4

The Casual Craft Lete


6. Food Basket

Find out what the person loves and make a theme basket base on that. For example, this person loves coffee and cookies but prefers dairy free.

Christmas gift idea 5

Frog Prince Paperie


7. Sangria Dispenser

This is just pure genius! When you know your friends love to drink and have a good time.

christmas gift idea 6



8. Mason Jar Cocktail Gift Idea

Another drink idea. Welp, it’s the holidays, sooo….Stay thirsty my friends.

christmas gift idea 7


9. Candles

I love candles and I can’t get enough of them. Candles are also a great gift idea.

Christmas gift idea 8

The 36th Avenue

10. Unique Handmade Gift Idea

So this type of gift doesn’t have to be a mitten with kitchen supplies but it can be something unique to the person’s personality. Maybe they like boxing, therefore you would want to buy boxing gloves and place some  boxing accessories inside. Or, maybe they like cars so you make a basket with car supplies. Just saying, find whats unique and special to that person and create something magnificent from that. I am almost positive they will love what you created, less of course they are just ungrateful. 🙂

Christmas gift idea 9

Family Holiday




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