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11 Ways to Infuse Your Decor with Island Style

Hey guys, I am back with more decorating ideas. If you follow my blog you know I am an Island gal. I love everything that encompasses the islands or the Caribbean on a whole. I decided to share with you some really nice easy, inexpensive and stylish ways to bring the Caribbean to your home.

Elements of Island style

  • Colours
  • Sunlight
  • Plants
  • Wood/Bamboo

Checkout these 11 Island Style Decorating Ideas


1.Organic Fibres

Using woven accessories, bamboo, sisal and other organic fibers you can easily turn your home into the Caribbean.

island style decorating ideas 1

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2. Wood and Wallpaper

Using wood like Mahogoney is perfect to bring out the tropical feeling in your home. Infuse with a subtle but popping ocean blue wallpaper and a few tropical fruits to accessorize, this kitchen grasps the concept with ease.

island style decorating ideas 1

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3. Outdoor Bathroom

Having a minimal amount of accessories and furniture is key to capturing that tropical openness that reflects many Caribbean homes. Windows and open doors bring fresh air and tranquility within their homes.

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4. Using White 

Using anything white brings out tranquility, an element of the tropics.

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5. Oceanic Elements
Anything with an oceanic field will seal the deal on your decor. Using Seashells, sand, rocks, and pots are a perfect example of this.

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6. Natural Textures  
A cottage is supposed to be cozy. Incorporating a cottage style with much influence of the island is also a great way to produce a relax but cozy living.

island style decorating ideas 5

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7. Titles and Shutters
Using White tiles can bring a glossy and smooth look especially when the sunlight bounces off the tiles how beautiful of a scene it is. I’ve never been to a Caribbean home that doesn’t have some form of tiles within their home. Many homes also make use of shutters to bring forth the sunlight and fresh breeze but also to minimize its impact as it gets really rough from time to time, especially when living close to the beach.

island style decorating ideas 6

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8. Accessories
You may not want to the decorate your entire house like the Caribbean, and you may want to just add a little piece of island elements. This is a Perfect example. Just a corner of the house that shows how much you love the Caribbean Sea.

island style decorating ideas 7

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9. Colours 
Using bring vibrant colours that compliment each other and your pieces of furniture. This is more of an island/vintage style look. Nothing over the top but just classy enough to pull it off.

island style decorating ideas 8

New Decor Ideas

10. Soft colored pieces
Soft looks are what most Caribbean decor elements comprise.

island style decorating ideas 8

New Decor Ideas

11. Ocean Blue
Using ocean blue can give your modern home an island lift without doing too much.

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