12 Clever & Unique Ways To Organize Your Kitchen

12 Clever & Unique Ways To Organise Your Kitchen

Clever Ways yo Organize Your Kitchen

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Having an organised kitchen gives you a piece of mind, an effective and efficient way to manoeuvre in the kitchen. Not only is it efficient but it looks good and tidy. I honestly hate going into others people kitchen to cook, which I do on occasions when I am invited to someone’s house. Knowing the foodie/cookie I am, I’m normally the one that is nominated to cook. But if your kitchen is cluttery, messy and disorganise It makes me confuse and no longer hungry. If you’re not about that life then, frankly speaking, you won’t be affected. 

Given that many homes don’t necessity have a huge or efficient kitchen at the time of sale. Homeowners tend to make a budget to redecorate their kitchen for a beautiful field and bigger storage. This is definitely costly so why not implement these less-costly ideas that are easy and trendy at the same time. Now I have compiled some helpful organising ideas that are clever unique and also beautiful for your decor. These ideas allow you to store things in clever, smart ways and organise pots, pans, cupboards, counter tops and pantries.  


 Tips on Organising your kitchen

  • Arrange your kitchenware by frequency of use.
  • Group similar items together.
  • Make use of dividers.
  • Place lids and containers together for easy identification and retrieval.
  • Install lazy susan for convenience and efficiency.
  • Place items vertically rather than horizontally.
  • Group objects by purpose and assign them to specific cabinets.
  • Install shelf organisation
  • Reduce the clutter


1. I hate cupboards with doors. This is just sleek, organised, open and accessible. All the items are stored in the apporiate container and in groups.

Unknown Source


2. This Rack is so neat and efficient; I actually have this same rack for ground provisions at my family house. 

Hows To Do


3. By using these see-through canister jars, you will be able to store grocery items away such as sugar, salt, pasta, snacks, etc. 

Ella Clair


4. Now, this is what you call a well organise kitchen. Each container is labelled and place in a particular jar and basket. This will give you the opportunity to store more items and easily find them.  To purchase Containers and Labellings 

Shanty 2 Chic


5. Want a great way to store your kitchen items such as your zip-lock bag, foil, recycled bags, etc. Well, this is the perfect ideas to stock them neatly. 

Better Homes & Gardens


6. How amazing it is to have all the measurements and baking tools in one spot. How annoying it is to have to figure tablespoon, cups, litres etc.

Manditre Mayne


7.  What to do with the clutter underneath the sink? Well, this storage hack put all your cleaning and kitchen supplies in one place. Easy to access and out-of-the-way from children. 

Organizing Motooyun


8. Great way to expand your kitchen for and open space. This beautiful design is well organised with each item detailed and hidden in a clever way. 

Mother Thyme


9. This is another way to store your spices, most homes may not have a pantry and may have to depend on draws and cupboards only. By utilising the extra draw space, you can organise and store all your cooking choices in one area. Wood Spice Drawer Insert.



10. How clever? This is actually a sheet of magnet screwed in the ceiling of the cupboard. By purchasing jars with magnet conducive covers, they can be easily stored, used and put away right in front of you without no extra draws or cupboard space.  Magnetic Spice Jars       Stainless Magnet Wall Pate


11. This is perfect for your kitchen tools and utensils right in your cupboard. 


12. Pull out base kitchen storage cabinet.


Let me know your fantastic ideas that you have come up with for kitchen storage. 


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