16 Gorgeous Uses For Your Mason Jar

16 Gorgeous Uses For Your Mason Jar

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If you searched Pinterest D.I.Y, Mason Jars are more likely to pop up than any other. Mason Jars are so useful and functional and almost every single way. There are so many different ideas that you can do with a Mason Jar, no wonder why people keep inventing new ways/ideas to make this simple jar into something splendiferous. Yes! I said ‘SPLENDIFEROUS’ Take a look at these absolutely fabulous mason jar idea that ‘Moi” has complied. 



1. This is a gorgeous chandelier piece made with mason jars. Just imagine hanging this up at your wedding ‘STUNNING’.

DIY Mason Jar Chandelier
Deep Pearl Flowers

2. Simple, cute and easy to make, that’s what makes mason jars a perfect idea for Wedding D.I.Y’s 

wedding mason jars
Deep Flower Pearls

3. Mason jars can be used for centrepieces, not just for your home but also for your wedding decor. You steal this idea and put your touch to it. 

Mason Jars DIY Wedding Centerpiece Decor
Philly Mag

4. I have seen where many people give away candy and popcorn for a wedding favour, but I prefer something more memorable for my guest to have. Hence, a mason jar with your name on it. 

mason jar popcorn wedding favor
Wedding Chicks




5. Accessorise your bathroom with this D.I.Y mason jar bathroom storage and accessory set. Tutorial here Mason Jar Craft Love.

mason-jar-crafts-painted-distressed-bathroom-organizer-soap-dispenser-toothbrush-holder 2 (3 of 3)
Mason Jar Craft Love

6. I love having my box of tissue at the side of my bed. This idea goes great with my decor. It simple and easy to make, I got the tutorial right here Landeelu.

DIY MASON JAR TISSUE HOLDERS - Make the CUTEST "Tissue Boxes" out of MASON JARS! These make fantastic gifts!

7. Jar Oil Candle tutorial here Good Home Design 

Goods Home Design

8. Organise your dry foods in one place with mason jars. Tutorial here Our New Home 

Store dry goods in quart-sized Mason jars for a cute and fun way to organize your pantry.
Our New Home




9. Easter is near and this jar was chocolate is a perfect gift idea. Tutorial here at Crafty Morning.

Crafty Morning

10. Christmas was just the other day, I know, but this is still cute. Tutorial here at Crafts By Amanda 

Snowcapped Pinecones - 12 Magnificent Mason Jar Christmas Decorations You Can Make Yourself
Crafts By Amanda

11. Valentine’s Day jar of Chocolate Gift Set. Tutorial at The 36th Avenue.

Fill these metallic jars with M&M's and gift to your neighbors or friends. Get the tutorial at The 36th Avenue.
The 36th Avenue

12. Let’s not leave the kids out. But this 4th ofJuly you can think about D.I.Y mason Jar 4th of July. Tutorial here at Sunny Sack

kids mason jar ideas
Sunny Sack



13. Mason jars can be used as lantern’s or lighting fixtures if you prefer. 

Related image

14. A centrepiece for your picnic table. 

Decorate your table or event with this gorgeous mason jar centerpiece.
Country Living

15. Mason Jar window decor Treatment. Tutorial here It All Started With Paint.

It All Started With Paint

16. Cute chandelier for your living room check out the tutorial here Charming Perfection 

Mason Jar Chandelier
Charming Perfection

I don’t know about you but I absolutely love these mason jar D.I.Y’s. Let me know what you think. 


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