20+ Broke and Depressed

20+ Broke and Depressed


20 broke and depressed

Life hits us really fast and before you know it you’re in your 20s. After University is the most challenging time for young adults. The transition from college which promises you that you were going to get a great career has proven to be deceiving. Having a college education is perceived to be a way out, but that pathway leads to stress and more financial strain. How many times have we seen grad and undergrads working in bars and waiting tables?  We have no idea ‘what to’ ‘where to’ and ‘how to.’ They fail to teach us the basics of building our life, career and how to make money.

Why we become depressed?

Being in Debt

Student loan, car loan, and even our family place a significant burden on us. Many young persons may have to work to assist their families because of financial struggles. According to the Student Loan Hero, Americans owe nearly $1.3 trillion in student loan debt with 44 million borrowers. 


Responsibilities! Responsibilities! Becoming an adult is having more responsibilities, like having to rent your own apartment and dealing with credit card bills and utilities, etc. Sometimes all of this can get overwhelming.

Not making enough money

Money is a root of all of our problems. If we had the resources, we would be twice as happy as we are now. A decent wage will help get us ahead in life. However, most of us are unfortunate and ending up getting a mediocre job which often leaves us in more misery because it’s not what we wanted for ourselves. So we become depressed and unhappy with life.  


We become depressed when we are lonely. Loneliness is depressing, and it sometimes makes us feel unwanted and unloved. Even though being single is good because being single helps us to find ourself, build our career and enjoy life before we decide to settle. Having a partner often time makes you feel a little better under pressure knowing you have someone to help you financially to share bills but also someone who is there to help you emotionally to deal with a stressful life. Going through it alone is hard, but going through it with someone is much easier.

Confidence, you are beautiful

Lacking Self Confidence

Confidence is a major importance in becoming who we are like Marcus Garvey said “If you have no confidence in self, you are twice defeated in the race of life. With confidence, you have won even before you have started.” Let me tell you, without confidence; you won’t even begin to live but dwindle in your own shadow of fear and doubt.

Not having friends

I never understand why people are sad because they don’t have friends, in your 20s it is much better to do without all the drama and stress that friendships go through. You can have friends but don’t allow it to be the centre of your life. Try to enjoy your own company rather than using friends to fill a gap.


Procrastination is the killer of all hopes and dreams. Putting off your dreams and goals in life is a major set back and make you less productive and successful and more miserable, unaccomplished and broke.

broke and depress

Social Media

Social Media role is to provide a basic social interaction but has proven to very dangerous on our self-esteem. The more time you spend browsing on social media sites we begin to compare our self with others and get depressed because we probably do not possess what they have or we would like to look like them. However, we fail to realise that social media life is all lies. A picture can tell and 1000 words, but those words can be pure lies. Everything is orchestrated on Facebook from the angle of the pose to the authenticity. Photoshop is real, and people do lie. That fancy car or house may not be theirs, and that happy relationship you see may be fake as well, they probably trying to kill each other off camera. People tend to post the best version of their lives with all that makeup.

Wanting it all too soon

We all have dreamt that at 25 we would be married with a great job, house, car and financial freedom with a beautiful happy family. Well, that dream is a lie, and you are about to be even more depress if you think life works life that. My advice to you is take your time to be single if you are and enjoy your life. Write a bucket list and do them step by step. Travel, volunteer, accomplish all the things you wanted to do and most of all secure a future for yourself where you can be happy while doing the things you love most. 

lonely broke and depress

Find your purpose 

The real purpose of anyone’s life is a to be fully involved in living. Try to enjoy the journey and make the best of it. Soon you will accomplish your purpose and be filled with happiness and love. Find peace by seeking God you will realise how your life will change dramatically and things will start to look up. Having some time alone will allow you to come to terms with what you want in life and how you will set about achieving.

“Taking a leap of faith to achieve the things you want. Someday never ever happens, so just do it now”.


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