20 Creative DIY Ideas For A Fabulous Garden

20 Creative DIY Ideas For A Fabulous Garden

20 creative ideas for a fabulous garden

Knowing that spring is here and your garden is starting to blossom gives a confidence boost in tackling gardening DIY projects to make your garden a bit more sass. 

You can spruce up your garden by:

  • Planting new in season flowers/plants.
  • Weeding out your garden.
  • Make a schedule for watering plants.
  • Using objects to re-create something new and useful.
  • Add accessories such as lighting, stepping stones, makers etc. 
  • Adding a fountain and or a bird bath.

Here are some creative DIY garden ideas that you will absolutely love.


1. DIY Wall mounted letter. Tutorial here at  House & Fig.

Wall mount diy garden idea


2. Recycle paint can for flower pot holder HGTV

diy garden paint cans decor idea


3. Create a fashionable garden with handbags and purchases by HGTV

diy garden decor ideas


4. Fairy Garden by 1 Pure Heart 

diy garden bird house


5. DIY ladybug to make your garden look so much cute. Tutorial at Artdrops Tatjana

lady bug garden decor idea


6. Fairy Garden by Home Talk 


7. What a great way to reuse your old colanders? Unknown source


8. DIY stamped spoon plant markers by Intimate Weddings


9. Use old tires to spruce up your garden decor. By Design Rulz


10. Design your own flowerpot to suit your garden. Unknown Source


11. Redesign your garden by utilising your space and implementing simple DIY decor ideas by Good Housekeeping 


12. Use your old bicycle for a fancy garden accessory Piccsy

diy garden decor ideas

13. Flower pot using Gumboots Rosina Huber


14. Repurpose Work Office for your garden HGTV 



15. DIY River Rock Garden Markers. Tutorial here at City Moms Blog.


16. DIY pallet for flower pot display Good Housekeeping 


17. Repurpose shoe holder by Good Housekeeping 


18. Moulded hands for a unique garden design Goods Home Design 

DIY Concrete Garden Hand


19. Bird bath Fairy Garden by Faith Tap 

diy garden idea


20. A fancier way to showcase your flower pot. Pinterest

DIY Flower pot


What do you think? Do you love these absolutely gorgeous ideas for your garden? 

4 thoughts on “20 Creative DIY Ideas For A Fabulous Garden

  1. wow fabulous. I heard you on Love yesterday and decided to check out your page. I was looking for ideas to fill a hole in my garden and now I see what I need to do. Blessings

  2. I absolutely love your ideas! I especially like the recycled paint can as flower pots; very environmental and practical! I always thought that a charming garden is one with a theme to it. It not only displays some pleasing aesthetics, it also creates a nice atmosphere to it. And I could truly see it with your work. I’m thinking of adding fairy lights around my garden as I like sitting down with a glass of wine at night in my garden. What do you think? Cheers!

    1. Thank you, Joy. I absolutely love your idea, I think fairy lights would be great you can also add some glow in the dark lights to a mason jar to put in between the flowers/plants as well. This will give the illusion as if there are actual faires around the garden. Go for it JOY!!!

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