8 Dollar Store Organizing Tricks You’ve Been Missing Out On

8 Dollar Store Organizing Tricks You’ve Been Missing Out On

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If you have never been to the dollar store, you are missing out. The dollar store has many incredible selections from food, party decor, wedding accessories, home, stationaries and many other items. You can find so many things to organise, decorate or useful tools on a day-to-day basis to help make your life easier. Only a $1 people, only a dollar.

Whenever mum comes to visit from Jamaica, she would always head to the dollar store to get stationery items for her school, candies and little gift items to bring home for friends and family.

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5 Reasons Why De-Cluttering Your Home Is Crucial 

  • Decluttering will help to clear your mind. 
  • It helps reduce anxiety and stress.
  • Helps to reduce your workload/house chores.
  • It can cause health problems. 
  • Helps to get rid of pathogens in your home.

Now, Let’s look at these eight (8) dollar store organising tricks that will help you be more organise and decorative.  


 1. Organise your fridge with these cute baskets from the dollar store. Look at those mason jars? You may not get that same one at the dollar store, but you can get smaller jars to store other food items.  

Via Do it on a Dime 

Dollar Store Organizing ticks


2. I think when your life is organised your state of mind is too lol does that make sense. But, it just makes your home feel light and your mind free and clear and of course reduces stress and anxiety. 

Tutorial at The Crazy Crafty Lady 

Dollar Store Organizing ticks


3. This is perfect for your laundry room, everything in one place. 

Via Home Designer

Dollar Store Organizing Solutions for Your Entire Home


4. These crates can easily store your children’s toys, books or other items. You don’t have to place them that high on the wall. You can always set them couple inches above the floor. 

Via HomeTalk

Dollar Store Organizing ticks


5. A basket to store laundry items or even just extra blankets or other linens. Though the whole project is not $1, the rest of the items to make this DIY project is inexpensive, so don’t worry about going over budget. Besides, it’s totally worth it. The tutorial for this project can be found at I Heart Organising.

Dollar Store Organizing Ideas
Image via The Budget Decorator


6. I thought this was clever of Rachel from Smile & Wave to use one this dollar store cooling racks to hang her jewellery. How innovative? 

Via Smile & Wave.

Dollar Store Organizing ticks


7. I love a cute pantry. I can’t wait to buy my own home. Sigh, someday, someday!

Jen from The Social Home said these were from the dollar store in Canada, so let’s hope we can find these in the US. With a little shopping around of course. 

Via The Social Home.

Dollar Store Organizing ticks


8. You can get these baskets at the dollar store, but you have to get a rope to do the rest. 

Via Be Different Act Normally.

Dollar Store Organizing ticks


These dollar store organising tricks are just amazing. Let know what are your tips for organising your home. 

10 thoughts on “8 Dollar Store Organizing Tricks You’ve Been Missing Out On

    1. Hey Christi, sorry for the late reply. No, they don’t slide in and out like drawers because they are small bins attached together. She used tape to help them stick at the bottom of the drawer to prevent them from sliding whenever she opens the draw. I hope that helped 🙂

  1. I use crates zip tied together for my kids room and it works great. Also we have the same first name 😃Thought it interesting. I only knew of one other Falon before now.

      1. Are the organizer inserts the same size in the back as the fronts or are they taller in the backs? By taller in the backs, I mean like magazine holders where they gradually get taller. I hope my question makes sense. Also are the jars with the blue labels glass or plastic? Btw, that pantry area looks great.

        1. Hi Tammy, Terri is indeed correct, thanks to her for replying to your question. Most of the blue labeled jars in the pantry are glass the, the round and square ones are glass while the bulk containers are plastic. All from the dollar store. Hope that helped.

  2. Hi fellow organizers! Love the ideas, and I’ve done something similar with the small crates in my craft area, and in the bathroom cabinets. I just attached them the way it’s shown, and stacked them 3 high for the bathroom, and 5 high for the crafts. Fun, fun, Fun! 😊

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