8 Incredible Organizing Tips for Your Bathroom Cabinets

8 Incredible Organizing Tips for Your Bathroom Cabinets


My father once said I should move my stuff in the bathroom since I live in there lol. I can’t help it I spend most of my time there when I am home. Hey, a girl got to go plus I get ready in the bathroom. So, maybe I should move in there. Well, if you’re like me you hate a cluttery bathroom. Being organize does pay off, less running around trying to find items especially when you’re late. It happens a lot. Check out my post 8 Dollar Store Organizing Tricks for tips on how crucial organizing your home is. 

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Organization Tips For Your Bathroom 

  • Group similar items together.
  • Make use of dividers.
  • Place items vertically rather than horizontally.
  • Group objects by purpose and assign them to specific cabinets.
  • Install shelf organisation
  • Reduce the clutter
  • Get rid of bottles and boxes, Use Canisters instead.
  • Make use of Storage Containers
  • Try to fold your towels neatly


1. Wall dividers, canisters and racks are perfect for organizing your bathroom. Look clearfully, how she placed items respectfully and orderly using simple tips that I outlined.

BHG Style


2.  Look at this exquisite bathroom cabinet. Well, colour coordinated and use all elements in organizing to ensure efficiently and unification. Via Better Homes.


3. From ‘Shazz to Pizzazz’ I love this before and after. This shows the effectiveness of racks, canisters and containers. Perfect!

before and after cabinet makeover
Living Locurto


4. Remember that storage doesn’t have to be underneath your sink. You can utilise other types of cabinet storage. 

Organizing Tips for your bathroom
I Heart Organizing


5. This bathroom contains a custom storage option inside their vanity which is often the primary preferred method of storage for most people. However, within the vanity includes other storage methods such as canisters again, draw dividers and shelves. If you notice the sneaky electrical outlet, this will help to hide and tuck away neatly electrical devices such as the blow-dryer and flat iron.

Within this draws there is a make-up box, dividers that hold toothbrushes, hairbrushes and other personal items.  Check out Bliss at Home for the complete article.

Kohler Tailored Vanity
Bliss at home


6. Everyone clearly has their own way of doing things depending on their household. 

Bathroom Organizing
The Dandelion Patch


7.  Can I stop and say how much I love those Turquoise Vases

Organizing your bathroom
Better Homes


8. Again no need for vanity storage, there is plenty of other storage methods ways. 

Organizing your bathroom


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