11 Dollar Store Decor Hacks To Spruce Up Your Home

The dollar store is definitely one of my favourite stores hands down. Their are so many Dollar Store Decor Hacks you can try. Why toss hundreds of dollars on items you can get for $1. This is my second dollar store post, check out my other article on Dollar Store Organizing Tricks  and hacks.

I have complied 11 dollar store decor hacks to spruce up your home on a budget. 

1. Head to your  nearest dollar store and purchase a file box to help organize your home supplies.

Dream Green DIY


2. A simple dollar store trash can be turn into a really nice night stand, now that’s a dollar store hack. 

dollar store craft ideas
House of Turquoise


3. Make an elegant greenhouse out of picture frames. 

diy dollar store hacks
Ella Claire Inspired


4. By using an old mirror or whatever you choose you can make a sunburst mirror from bamboo skewers. How innovative!

diy sunburst mirror
Healthy Wealthy DIYS


5. You can make cute wineglass lampshades for decorating your home. So simple and easy to make. 



6. All these items you can get at the dollar store. May cost you roughly 7 to 8 dollars to make this cute soap dispenser.

Dollar Store Decor Hacks


7. Enamel Painted Vases

dollar store hacksdiy dollar store crafts dollar store hacks

unknown source 

8. I have always seen these glass wafers at the dollar store and had no idea they could be used like this. 


Dollar Store Decor Hacks
Small Home Soul


9. You can use this cute little tray to decorate your home or to serve to your guest, whatever you choose it’s a cheap.

Dollar Store Decor Hacks
Cute Fetti


10. Spruce up your table by using nail-heads. You can buy them in different colours or spray paint them to make your own unique colour.

Dollar Store Decor Hacks
Mad in Crafts


11. Make a jewelry holder from a cutlery tray. 

The DIY Mommy



Let me know if you have tried any of the DIY’S above and any other ideas not listed you have tried. I love seeing cheaper ways to decorate and organize on a budget. 






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