February Blog Income (Finally Made My First Income $113)

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It is so amazing to look at my blog statistics. I remember when I started blogging I had no idea what blogging was and what you do when you blog. Yea, I was a bit ignorant to that side of the fence.

So, here I was unemployed, depress, broke with no way out. Being 20 something, you wonder why I just get a job waitressing or something. Well, it’s a bit more complicated than that. My story entails a lot of interesting but sorrowful details. 

I have always wanted to be successful, that was my aim. I love to cook, and I love fashion, so I thought to become a fashion designer and a restaurateur. But how much can you do with so little money? Sad! But guess what I did, I prayed. Yes, I prayed so hard I said God please I am begging you show me a sign, I am tired and hopeless I need a breakthrough.

What we fail to realise is that sometimes our problems are so hard we believe that we have the worse life and going through the worst situations. But there is always someone who is worse off than you, trust me.

One day while searching Pinterest which I had no idea how to use, I discovered blogging. I believe it was a pin from Chasing Foxes on how shoe used blogging to make thousands.

It took me couple days to finally say I am just gonna shut my eyes and pay for my domain and hosting from HOSTGATOR, luckily I got a ridiculous discount and ended paying only $36 for everything.

Believe me; HOSTGATOR gives crazy discounts.  You can self-host your blog for little or nothing. They are amazing; I love Hostgator,  have never had a problem with them at all since I have been blogging.

They keep you updated and with 24hr customer service. They offer great help with SEOs and ways to maximise your potential. They do provide an affiliate program so you can definitely make money with Hostgator by recommending a friend. 

Just don’t delay sign up with HOSTGATOR soon as possible, don’t be the one to be sobbing a few months later, wishing you had started your blog. You know that few months down the line you could be making $1,000 a month or more. With HOSTGATOR it’s easy and cheap, guarantee you can’t find a better deal. 


This is my 3rd-month Blogging, Yippy! 

I am currently around 40,000-page view for February; my page views increase drastically. However, what I did wrong was to focus on pageviews rather than monetizing my blog.

I thought with page views then I would exactly be making more money. WELL NO! That’s not how it works. Page views are SQUAT!!! Without a proper strategy to monetize your blog. I am still currently figuring out what works for me and what doesn’t. 

If you like to know how what I did to increase my page views. Check out my article here. 

How I Went From 0-38,000 Page Views In My 3rd-Month Blogging


Blog Traffic/Income February 2017

Pageviews: 40,000

Social Media Numbers:

Pinterest:    537  and Increasing

Twitter:         7 Followers LOL!!!

Instagram:   461 Followers and Increasing

Facebook:    125 Followers ad Increasing

I only focus on Pinterest seeing that I get most of the traffic there and Occasionally Facebook and Instagram. I actually do love Instagram it’s fun. I laughed so hard when I wrote down that (7) hahaha. Don’t worry in due time, in due time 🙂 



Google Adsense      $40.18

Media Net                  $10.00

Amazon                      $.60

Ibotta                          $12.25

Hostgator                  $50.00

TOTAL INCOME:      $100.03


BoardBooster                $10.00

TOTAL EXPENSES         $10.00

NET INCOME        $90.03



Tools & Tips For A Successful Blog

13 Ways For New Bloggers To Monetize Their Blog

Seeing now that I have mastered how to increase my page views now my primary focus is getting more income from my blog. My goal is to make $500 by  April. Let us see if I can accomplish this aim. 

When I published my post on How I went from 0 to 14,000 page views overnight, I said my goal was to get 30,000 page views in my 6th month blogging. Just like that, I got it and more in one month. Nothing is Impossible. I happen to believe in miracles and you should too lol.


20 Fun Date Ideas That Are Free                                                10,678

12 Clever & Unique Ways To Organise Your Kitchen          5,491

Easy Sewing Projects for Beginners                                          5, 434

I found my passion, I love blogging, and I will be definitely making this my career goal. I have so many plans for my blog, and I am just too excited. This is the beginning of my journey. Even if I don’t make as much I am still fulfilled.


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