He Cheated! Why do men cheat?

He Cheated! Why do men cheat?

Why do when cheat


Let’s face it, we all know of at least one man who has cheated even once in his lifetime and if you’re a male reading this article, probably you are one of them. Nevertheless, I am not of the view that every single man cheats. In fact, I know of men who would walk from a relationship rather than cheat on his partner.

Why do men cheat? 


  • He is tired and bored of the relationship

    While many women deny this notion, I do believe that men actually get tired of us women, especially when we become nagging and lacking or reduction in passion, excitement, appreciation, and care. Sometimes this happens few months down the line in the relationship or even a few years into marriage with kids and loads of responsibilities. Some women become less responsive to their partners’ needs, subsequently leaving their men bored and lacked interest in the relationship.


  • He’s not sure if he wants you

    In other words, he doesn’t want you! Some men rather ‘roam free’ with the notion of wanting to maximise their younger years before committing. We as women, ought to know that we shouldn’t be trying to force a man to commit if he isn’t ready. If it’s a case that he really wants you and you alone, you will see such desire once you’re observant and attentive.


  • Wanting Intercourse frequently! Plain and simple 

    Studies have shown that men tend to want to it more than women and scientists have pointed to the difference in the balance and type of hormones as a factor. For what it’s worth, men seem to become addicted just like alcoholic addiction or drugs or gambling. He might become a nympho perhaps, with the idea of wanting that “good feeling” of dopamine frequently.


  • He’s not satisfied

    We all want a partner who we are sexually compatible with. Many times when we rush into a relationship, and even rush into marriage before sex, (though I believe in marriage before sex), both partners might not share the same view as it relates to sexual advancements and favours.


  • His Ego 

    How many men will admit that they only “hit it” because their friends did, or because they want to feel “big” or proud as so to speak? This sometimes occurs due to peer pressure and men wanting to brag about tapping that ‘ass.’ For the most part, society praises a man who has multiple women, as he is seen as a player or pimp. This now may create a psychological impact on a man’s self-esteem and may even make him feel more confident to “take on” more women.

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