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Jamaican Eats – 8 Best Restaurants in Jamaica


Vacation season has started and many of you foodies out there are wondering where to go? And what to eat? I have compiled 4 of the top restaurants you can visit while vacating or just a night out with family, friends or that special someone. You may quarrel with the results; I base my findings on my personal experience of the restaurant's prices, environment, experience and taste. It would be astonishing if you didn't place value on these essential elements. I am not presenting objective truth here. There is no objective truth when it comes to taste in restaurants (or anything else).

SCOTCHIES in Kingston

Kingston has a variation of food from ethnic restaurants to fine dining to fast food chains and roadside jerk. But, if jerk chicken and pork is your thing tonight, whether dining or take out, you’ll love Scotchies for sure! Deemed one of the top Jerk restaurants in Kingston, Scotchies offers more than just a meal, but phenomenally friendly service and a spectacular decor and ambiance.

Jamaican Eats - 8 Best Restaurants in Jamaica


I chose Tracks & Record to be on my list mainly because it's owned by the famous Usain Bolt. I think the idea of visiting Kingston and getting a piece of what the fastest man on earth has to offer is a great opportunity. Come on the man is a LEGEND!!!. I personally went to Tracks & Record when it had just opened up and it was OK! not great but OK! It seems though they have improved on their menu selections and service. Everyone I know loves it. Hopefully, when I'm back in Kingston, I can give it a try again. 

Jamaican Eats - 8 Best Restaurants in Jamaica


Mobay! Mobay! Mobay!!! What can I say? As the slogan suggest “A complete resort” as some of the finest restaurants in Jamaica. The Houseboat Grill is located in Bogue Bay at Montego Bay Freeport; this converted houseboat is one of Jamaica’s top-notch restaurants. The changing menu offers eclectic Caribbean fusion cuisine such as spicy conch fritters with a rémoulade dipping sauce, or honey-soy-glazed, grilled tenderloin of beef with Chinese oyster sauce, and homemade ice cream. You can dine inside or reclusively out on the moon deck. The bar draws the local middle class and is open until the last guest goes home. Reservations are strongly recommended on weekends.

Jamaican Eats - 8 Best Restaurants in Jamaica

PIER ONE in Montego Bay 

Pier One has the name suggest is by the Pier. I love the outdoor dining and vibe. You're in the tropics. Hence, you will definitely want the sea breeze with lots of sunshine. This place has great food and an amazing vibe. Excellent tropical drink selections with an authentic Jamaican vibe.

Not only is a great dining spot. It is also a great party spot, Pier One host many events for party goers alongside private events from wedding events to staff parties and also caters to these events as well. 

PIER ONE’s Marina is home to several of Mo’bay’s charter boat operators. Tourists can rent dock spaces if they are sailing and need a place to dock or charter boats for Deep Sea FishingSailingSunset Cruises or just Sightseeing. There’s even an underwater semi-submarine to see the underwater world without getting wet. PIER ONE (CLICK HERE)



Jamaican Eats - 8 Best Restaurants in Jamaica

BAMBOO BLU in Ochi Rios

Jamaican cuisines are a taste of diversity; just like Kingston ‘The centerpiece of Jamaica’ has everything you need for you to enjoy the real Jamaican experience. Bamboo Blu is located alongside a stunning private beach! They are open 7day a week, serving authentic Jamaican cuisines with a variation of seafood. Blu will surely whet your appetite whether it's breakfast, lunch or dinner, be, it's an experience you'll never forget! Try Bamboo Blu has a nightly bonfire where they howl to the moon lol.


Jamaican Eats - 8 Best Restaurants in Jamaica


I love the idea of going to a foreign country and experiencing the real and raw culture. Why would you want to go and dine at Franchise restaurant that is just every day to you? No Purpose right? Well Miss T is definitely is the REAL Jamaican vibe no fancy nothing. Just YARD STYLE!!! Miss T's Kitchen is a rustic Jamaican restaurant and bar they offer homestyle Jamaican food and drinks with an excellent selection of vegan and vegetarian dishes. If you're interested in catering, the restaurant also offers that option. 


Jamaican Eats - 8 Best Restaurants in Jamaica

 RICK’S CAFE in Negril

Negril is the ‘capital of casual’ and offers perfect serene and a laid back environment. Not to mention the breathtaking sunsets at Rick’s Cafe, this is referred to as the ‘Worlds Famous Sunset’. You can enjoy the sunset while listening to live reggae music and indulge in a great dining experience. However, the main attraction is the cliff jumping, I do implore you to just watch cliff divers rather than attempt to jump if you are not an experienced diver and swimmer.


Jamaican Eats - 8 Best Restaurants in Jamaica


Negril is located in the western part of Jamaica. It is also known as 7 mile due to its miles of sandy beaches. Negril is a hot spot for tourist to have some serious fun and adventure. Murphy's West End Restaurant has great food and vibe they have a broad range of homemade dishes that you will absolutely enjoy. Outside holds a nice comfy hammock. They serve up some real food such as the Jamaican national dish Ackee a& saltfish, dumplings, calaloo, for breakfast. Fresh seafood, chicken and Murphy's specialties for dinner serve with a nice cold beer or any cocktail selection from the bar. 




Let us know what you like to eat in Jamaica and your favorite restaurant. 

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