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How To Look Good On A Budget

How To Look Good On A Budget

How to look on a budget

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Your Image is everything; your personality should reflect your image and fashion is all about bringing out your character. I firmly believe that you are what you wear and people tend to treat you base on your dress. Over time that evolves, but how can we keep up with evolution, looking good and feeling good without breaking the bank? Well, I for one do not shop a lot. I live frugally, and I do believe in looking good but saving money as well. Here are some tips on how to look good while being comfortable on a budget.



Shop for the best deals: I personally don’t shop at outlet malls, less, of course, it’s Black Friday, or they have an exclusive deal. Here is a list of stores that have great prices with stylish designs. 



How To Look Good On A Budget


Go Jane 

How To Look Good On A Budget



Shopping on a Budget



Shopping on a Budget


Ross Dress For Less

How To Look Good On A Budget



How To Look Good On A Budget

Tip: Sign up for your favourite clothing online stores to be in the know about sale items and special giveaways. 



Focus on items you need; this will avoid overspending on clothes you won’t wear and be able to mix and match outfits, thus producing many wearable styles. Here are some of the styles you must have for a budget friendly functional wardrobe. These items are easily paired. Having a blazer, you will be able to pair with a casual, professional, preppy or even sexy look.  

Tailored Blazer

Lux Spring Blazer!


Casual Tops

Heading to the park, out of town or even to the shopping. Having just a few casual tops, you can always switch up and wear with your jeans or skirts.

        Long Sleeve Shirt              Polka Dot Sleeve Top                 Stripe Off Shoulder Top

Must Have Skirts

Having a pencil skirt is perfect for church, work, meetings or dinner. The flared skirt can be worn casually and preppy. Sometimes we need skirts to switch up a bit.

     Mid Lenght Pencil Skirt               Short Pencil Skirt                     Vintage Floral Skirts


The Ultimate Black Dress

Going out on a date, don’t know what to wear? How about a little black dress. Every woman should have a little black dress; it is so functional.

ultimate black dress
  $13.95                                                   $15.99                                                $13.99

Signature Jeans

You don’t need a ton of jeans in your closet. Just buy a few good ones that compliment your shape, and you will be able to rock it up or down with any look.

Signature By Levis                  Sweet Look Jeans                          Wrangler Jeans



Stockings are a perfect accessory for church (certain types) date, work or if you just want to look sexy. I like stockings because it allows me to wear my short dresses comfortably without worry about exposing anything. But it does gives a classy look that I like.

Lace Top Sheer                        Satin Bow Stocking                        Fishnet Stocking 


Heading to the mall, park or even if you just want to be casual sneakers are great if you want to dress down and be comfy. Sneakers can be worn with shorts, jeans, pants or even dresses. Make sure to know which goes with which. Not all sneakers fit perfect with certain attire.

JILL Women’s Mesh Sneakers      Keds Canvas Sneakers           Athletic Sneakers 



I love ballets because I hate heels. I wear the to church, school, work, outings, dates etc. Ballets can be worn anywhere, it is so functional, classy and cute at the same time.  


ballet flats

Ollio Womens Ballet Suede Shoe 


Pumps! If you’re able to manage these bad girls you can definitely pair them with your jeans, skirts or shorts. I wear pumps to work, meetings, and other functions. Depending on your personality, having these types of pumps with a neutral look you can’t run out of items to pair it with.  

mid heels

Jessica Simpson’s Pump         Leopard Pointy Toe Heels         Women’s Dress Sandal 



How important is makeup? Makeup is not definite, but it does bring out a more professional and put together look. You don’t need a whole makeup kit to look nice. Simple foundation, lipstick, blush and mascara is just fine. 

Basic Brushes 

EmaxDesign 12 Pieces Makeup Brush Set

Neutral Lip colour

                 Viper                                  Times Square                            Baracuda 

Basic Makeup 

        E.l.f. Blush Palette    Maybelline  Fit Me Matte Plus   Maybelline Blushed Nudes




Handbags tend to last longer than clothes you should splurge on a decent handbag rather than a cheap handbag that won’t last for 6 months due to its poor quality. Having at least 5 necessary bags in your closet will def do you well.

        Satchel Handbag                        Cross Body Handbag                       Tote Handbag 


Sunglasses + Watch

Accessories such as sunglasses and watches give an added flare to your look. You don’t need to wear 1mil accessories to look good, sometimes simple is best. 

Rim Glasses             Reto Glasses       Invicta Women’s Watch           Nine West Watch 



Mix and Max Colour coordinate accessories. Gold, silver and pearls can be dressed up or down. Every woman should have pearls they are sophisticated and elegant and can be worn with any style. 

Round Silver Necklace                               Y Necklace                              Pearl Necklace 



Changing your hairstyle will make a great difference. Your hair is your beautiful. If you can find a style that suits your shape face and profession then your well on your way to bring off your outfits. It’s all about sophistication and style. 

Here are a few elegant look that can be worn with any style

Image result for everyday hairstyles
Pretty Mayhem


Image result for black hairstyles


Styles and trends are forever changing, don’t get broke trying to get catch up with style. Just be you, while buying a functional wardrobe at the same time. This way you will be able to save more while spending less. If you follow trends, you will go broke for no reason. 

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