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How I Made Over $5,000 Extra Online As A Waitress

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It is so amazing to look at my blog statistics. I remember when I started blogging I had no idea what blogging was and what you do when you blog. Yea, I was a bit ignorant on that side of the fence.

So, here I was unemployed, depress, broke with no way out, Sad! But guess what I did, I prayed. Yes, I prayed so hard I said God please I am begging you show me a sign, I am tired and hopeless I need a breakthrough. What we fail to realise is that sometimes our problems are so hard we believe that we have the worse life and going through the worst situations. But there is always someone who is worse off than you, trust me.

One day while searching Pinterest which I had no idea how to use, I discovered blogging. I believe it was a pin from Silas and Grace from Chasing Foxes on how they used blogging to make thousands.



It took me couple days to finally say I am just gonna shut my eyes and pay for my domain and hosting from HOSTGATOR, luckily I got a ridiculous discount and ended paying only $36 for everything. Believe me, HOSTGATOR gives crazy discounts.  You can self-host your blog for little or nothing.

They are amazing! I love Hostgator,  have never had a problem with them at all since I have been blogging. They keep you updated and with 24hr customer service. They offer great help with SEOs and ways to maximise your potential. They do provide an affiliate program so you can definitely make money with Hostgator by recommending a friend. 


Hard Work Equals Reward

With sleepless night and many research, I found out the key to blogging. Honestly, I didn’t expect to succeed. I got over 80,000 views in my 4th-month blogging. Like OMG!!! All I did was follow the recommendations from other bloggers and watch what the successful bloggers do.

It did pay off because within 5 months I made over $500 which is awesome. I did eventual got a job as a waitress so I didn’t keep up with my blog and I did not pay any attention to it as I was going through personal issues and during that time I started making over 500 a month on my blog. I was so astonished by the extra money I was making. I decided not to get a second job and work on my blog part-time while working full-time.



Blogging as given e the opportunity to travel, yes I was able to travel to Jamaica and Chicago for vacation using my blogging money. I was also able to pay for my moms plane ticket, pay my rent. I can’t tell you how this extra money a month made a huge difference in my quality of life. I no longer need to struggle, I can live comfortably without worrying if my rent can be paid and If I can afford to take-out or an overseas trip. I am so grateful for the opportunity to be a blogger. It is a blessing.


If you would like to know the step-by-step process of creating a blog check out my article:


How Much Money I Made So Far

Well, if you’re like me you definitely don’t want to put your eggs in one basket so I got a job as a waitress since working at the front desk just wasn’t pulling in enough money for me. So, yes I am a waitress and a blogger making a decent salary.  Not only does blogging gives me a lot more money in my pocket, it actually pays my rent so my wage I earn from my fulltime job is mine to keep. Woot! Woot!

Income Source


Amazon Affiliate

Acorn (I have saved a buncha money investing my round-ups)

Ibotta (Cash Back Rewards)

Ebates (Cash Back Rewards)


Other affiliate programs

Izea (Sponsored Post)

So far I have made over 5,000 blogging since I started to monetize my blog. The sad part about it was that I made this much without doing much. as I told you I was quite a mess and I had stopped blogging for months but I was still making money. How cool is that? Many bloggers give the idea that everyone wants to quit their jobs, but not many want that. Most people just like to earn more or even have something to supplement their income, because clearly, they love what they do or they just don’t want to stay home and work. I don’t know, everyone is different. To each to his own.

In my honest opinion, you can make a living from blogging if your dedicated and determine whether it be part-time or full-time. I for one can attest to that. If you had told me months ago that blogging would have paid my rent every month I would have said you’re lying. I learnt that if you want something you ought to go get it, don’t sit and expect anyone or anything to come and save you, save yourself.

I can tell you that starting your blog would be one of the best experience you ever had. Having a blog is not easy but its fun and rewarding. Not only is it fulfilling but it’s lucrative, depending on how hard you work. You reap only what you sow, right?


Just don’t delay and miss out on future earnings. Sign up with HOSTGATOR , don’t be the one to be sobbing a few months later, wishing you had started your blog. You know that few months down the line you could be making $1,000 a month or more. With HOSTGATOR it’s easy and cheap, guarantee you can’t find a better deal. 





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