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Simple Exercise to Tone and Lose Weight

Simple Exercise to Tone and Lose Weight


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Hello Loves, the New Years is around the corner, and it’s about that time to set some resolutions. But this time we mean it. Look at this tip on Simple “Excercise to Tone and Lose Weight.”

Though it would be great to get some Dumb Bells, a Skipping Rope or even a Kettle Bell to enhance your exercising routine, it’s not a definite ‘must’ to use equipment to lose weight and tone. I just added the simplest way for you, this way it won’t be that easy to be discouraged.

However, I do have the below equipment that I bought from They help in the long run when switching and enhancing routines. These methods I listed was routines I used from two different fitness trainers. Of course, It is a bit harder with a trainer because of they add more pressure to the workout. 

Well I like easy and simple I hate doing exercise with technicalities, and my poor body is unable to twist, turn and doing technical work-out routines. I have done simple exercise and lost a lot of weight, hence working like a beast is unnecessary. 


Dumb Bell (20 pounds)     $19.99

Skipping Rope                    $9.86

Kettle Bell (20spounds)    $16.09




I personally do not like to work-out or leave the confinements of my home to go to the gym. I know I am a lazy bum. But to have a simple exercise routine that is not too technical and allows you to see results then I will take that any day.

I will be doing these exercise after Christmas of course along with proper nutrition, and I will update you with the results and post my diet plan on a different blog post just for you.


HERE IS MY DIET PLAN   Diet Plan To Lose 7 Pounds In One Week


Let me know what you think and if you are interested in joining me.




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