Why are more educated women single?


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I cannot express how many times I have been asked where my Mr. is. At this point, I get so annoyed that I just laugh and say “ The good Lord will find him for me” I mean come on! What is a girl suppose to do if she can’t find a good man?

I am a Christian and like man other Christians I reside on the Lords will and what he wants. Instead of running around and dropping my panties off to every soldier I meet, I rather stay home and watch TV.

I have noticed that not only myself who is quite educated and the ambitious lady is unable to snatch a husband. A few women I know who are successful, smart and beautiful are not able to find a decent man either.

Unfortunate all of these are black women. Ouch! Is this a trend? Does having more education hampers us in gaining love, marriage or a steady relationship. This may not relate to all educated women of course but some.

Take for instance the TV show “Insecure” and “Being Mary Jane,” those women are a perfect example of successful women who find it hard to find a man, and face quite a few challenges in the dating world. Molly who plays a very prestigious black lawyer who is a “hopeless romantic” tries hard in the dating scene, but Molly clearly doesn’t have her shiz together.

The sleeping round doesn’t land you a man Molly! Especially when you are so picky. On the other hand, Mary Jane who is also a professional is similar to Molly in not securing a steady relationship because she’s constantly looking in the wrong direction for love.


Why are more educated women are single?


Educated women can be challenging, stubborn and problematic. A British study suggests that females with high intellect are problematic in heterosexual relationships.

I think because we are educated, financially stable, and priorities are in check we tend to become arrogant, difficult and hard to control.

Personally, I have my shiz together, and I don’t care what a man thinks, I do me, I like my independence and rather not be tied down and dictated by a man.

Men do not like challenging women they prefer when they are in control and able to have a say on every decision and every situation from the household to finances, so often they shy away from egotistic women.

It’s ok for them to have an ego but it’s not ok for us women? Double Standards!

Lacking communicable skills

Not every person is skilled in having excellent communication, whether college educated or non-college educated. It varies on the capability of the individual to hold a valuable conversation.

Many persons who are skilled in having useful discussions often do not have the academic credentials. It is perceived, and in most cases, women and men who did not finish high school are very hard to communicate with, often they are unable to spell, pronounce and converse appropriately.

Hence, why some women find it hard to communicate if the man does not possess the ability to hold a useful conversation.

To think that a person inability to conversate makes them unlovable is somewhat arrogant but who am I to Judge, ‘to each to his own.’

Housewife family

He wants a Good Housewife. I will not presume to know that most men prefer non-college educated or a woman who is less challenging and more relax.

Some men do not like the idea of a more powerful woman who does what he can and even more. In the article “The Wire,” written by John Carney explains that “successful men date less successful women not because they want ‘women to be dumb’ but rather because they want ‘someone who prioritises their life in a way that’s compatible with how you prioritise yours.’” 

I do agree with what he is saying, Some men don’t want to commit to a woman that puts her life and career above him and the household.

He wants his woman to be committed to taking care of him and their children. But why the woman can’t be both college educated and a good wife?


‘Man deficit.’ On another note, Jon Birger author of the book Date-onomics assured us, women, that we are out of luck if we think we will be able to snatch a husband so quickly and easily.

Unfortunately for us, he did a study and found out that there is a “man-deficit” due to 34% more women than men graduating from college. He went further on to say that “The odds of a non-college graduate marrying a college graduate are lower now than at any point since the 1950s.

But that is bound to change. I foresee a rise in what I call ‘mixed-collar marriages’ — professional women marrying working-class men.” 

It is said that degree holding women would rather stay single than marrying a man without a degree which I think is quite preposterous.

There is a big difference between “uneducated” and “not college educated, ” and there are plenty successful, smart men out there who are way more successful and educated than many men who attended college.

Base on what I researched and observed, I absolutely disagree with most women who believe they have to marry a college educated man to secure a healthy marriage/relationship.

Isn’t a man’s values more important than a piece of paper? There are plenty of men who may not have attended or finish college who can love, care and support you even more than some who are college educated. The rest lies with the woman to ensure she doesn’t friend zone the keeper.

There are quite a number of women who rather be single and have Tyrone on speed dial. Let us not forget not every woman was meant to be tame some rather be free. Baring in mind, God never promised us anything, love nor money, but he did promise us salvation.


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