20 Cute Indoor Succulent Plant Decor Ideas To Beautify Your Home

Succulent Plants are normally thickened and fleshy, this is to retain water in arid climate or soil conditions.  These plants have different forms and shapes and can adjust to light or low humidity and weeks of neglect which is awesome. I can’t believe I just said that but, I am not the responsible type and I tend to forget plants after two days of having it.

Well, for all the people who wish to have plants in their home whether you can or cannot take care of it. Succulent plants are perfect. Not only do they make your home beautiful, they have surprising health benefits as well.

Benefits of Succulent Plants

  • They purify the air
  • They help to reduce cold/flu like symptoms (headaches, cough, fever, sinus issues)
  • They help you to breathe easier
  • They also help to prevent disease
  • Improve your concentration and mood
  • They are considered healing plants

Why they are perfect for your home

  • Apart from the numerous health benefits
  • They are low maintenance
  • They can be decorated in all form of colour, shapes and sizes
  • They are perfect year round
  • They make great silent companions
  • You can use the cuttings to grow more to make as gifts (cheap)


Here are 20 Ways to Spruce up your home using succulents.


1. Succulent Corks

succulent plants decor ideas

Apartment Therapy


2. A pretty Clay Pot For Your Succulents

succulent plant decor idea 1

O Mundo de Jess


3. Turn Your Succulents Into A Chandelier

succulent plant decor idea 2

Mi Boda Gratis


4. hanging Succulents

succulent plant decor idea 3

Balcony Garden Web


5. Hanging Wall Succulents

succulent plants decor ideas



6. Hanging Mobile Succulents

succulent plant decor idea 4

I Am The Lab


7. DIY Lightbulb Terrariums

succulent plant decor idea 6



8. Mini Succulent Garden

succulent plant decor idea 7



9. Pallet Succulents

succulent plant decor idea 8

Style Me Pretty


10. Creative Way To Display Your Succulents

succulent plant decor idea 9

Space Garden


11. Repurpose Pallet For Succulent Planter

succulent plant decor idea 10

How Garden


12. Wall Hanging Planter

succulent plant decor idea 11

Growing Spaces


13. Make Your succulents beautiful With Pots

succulent plant decor idea 12

Planete Deco


14.  Creative Ideas For Your Succulent Plant

succulent plant decor idea 13

Mixbook Blog


15. Wine Bottle Succulent Planter


Balcony Garden Web


16. Turn Your Finds Into Succulent Planters

succulent plant decor idea 15



17. Pokemon Succulent Planter

succulent plant decor idea 16

Have You Nerd


18. Boat Shape Centerpiece INdoor Succulent Planters Idea

succulent plant decor idea 17



19. Using Kitchen Dish As Succulent Planters

succulent plant decor idea 18



20. Vertical Garden Hanging Succulent Frame


Walnut Hollow Crafts

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