11 Unbelievable DIY Christmas Decorations

Are you ready for the Christmas Season? Well, I can help you to be ready with these awesome DIY decorating ideas for the holiday. Christmas is a festive season for happiness, love and togetherness. However, this can be very expensive, there are so many things to consider during Christmas. Gifts for the family, festive dinner, decorations, new items for the home, etc.

If you go the cheaper way out things might be a little much easier and cheaper. A trip to Home Depot or the Dollar Store can help you. I listed a few ideas that can help you to decide on DIY decorating ideas for your home.


1. DIY Aarikka Inspired Jingle Bell Elves

Make your own elf family with beads, felts and some glue. Check out the tutorial at Naples house.

diy christmas decoration4


2. DIY Underwater Forest

God bless the person who created the Mason Jar. This container is so multifaceted it’s unbelievable.

diy christmas decoration 3



3.  Snowflake Wreath

Make this simple but beautiful Wreath for your home from the Dollar Store. Check out Mama in The Deep for the tutorial.

diy christmas decoration 3


4. Christmas Candle Holder

Decorate your Candle Holder with evergreen pieces to give a warm season look.

diy christmas decoration 5


5. Snowy Mason Jar

What to do with your Mason Jar? Make a Snowy Mason Jar.

diy christmas decoration 6



6. Pinecone Christmas Tree

Those old wine cork that is usually trash, can become your treasure this Christmas. This easy DIY Pinecone Christmas tree is cheap and fun to do with the family.

diy Christmas celebration babble


7. Candy Cane Heart Wreaths

diy christmas decoration 9

The Crafty Blog Stalker 


 8. Snowflake-Inspired Mini Christmas Trees

These snowflake mini inspired Christmas tree looks simple but can be decorated by adding some lights and colours.

diy christmas decoration 10



9. Candles Aglow with Sparkling Woodland Accents

This Rustic Seasonal look is warm and very inviting. You don’t need anything over the top to make your home look beautiful this season.

diy christmas decoration 11



10. Christmas Ginger Bread House

I found this really cute centrepiece from Craft Berry Bush that is absolutely gorgeous. This looks so simple and easy-to-do, you can check out her blog to see how she did this centrepiece for her home.

diy christmas decoration 12



11. DIY Christmas Tree

Instead of buying a Christmas tree every Christmas why not just create an easy space-saving, money saving and easy DIY Christmas Tree that will beautiful home every holiday season.

diy christmas decoration





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