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Nutella Cinnamon Pancakes



I absolutely love Nutella! It’s amazing. This is probably the most simplest Nutella Pancake you could ever make.


INGREDIENTS   Makes 12 pancakes  Time: 20-30mins

2 cup Pancake Mix

6 tablespoons Nutella/ or desired amount

2 cup buttermilk

2 tsp cinnamon

Nonstick cooking spray, as needed

Maple syrup, for serving (optional)

Fresh strawberries



  1. Add Cinnamon to pancake cake mix
  2. Then mix pancake with buttermilk and stir
  3. Heat griddle or skillet over medium heat
  4. Spray non-stick cooking spray
  5. Pour Pancake into the skillet and turn when it starts to bubble and bottom is golden brown
  6. Immediately after removing from skillet spread Nutella in and around the edges, apply as much as you desire, then pour syrup and add fresh strawberries.

Let us know what you think 🙂


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